History of Pacioli


Every year LEI Wageningen UR organises the Pacioli workshop on the collection and use of farm level data for policy analysis, research and extension. An example of such a farm level data system is the European Farm Accountancy Network (FADN). 

Pacioli is the international workshop for innovations in micro-economic databases in agriculture. FADN coordinators, experts and researchers attend this workshop to discuss new developments in data collection, data requirements and research on farm level data sets. The workshop provides a source of inspiration for their day to day work and gives the opportunity to establish contacts in and outside the European Union. 

Important topics discussed during recent years were:
- measurement of sustainability indicators,
- problems of collecting information on large complex farms,
- use of data for policy analysis and research,
- international cooperation in the development of FADN information systems, and
- impact of new policy issues on farm level data collection. 


Announcement Pacioli 23

Pacioli is the international workshop for coordinators, experts and researchers of farm level databases in agriculture, such as FADN in Europe. It provides a platform to discuss best practices in data collection, data use and data dissemination. This edition will take place in the beautiful town of Belgrade where the rivers Danube and Sava meet:

Sunday 27th of September till Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Belgrade, Serbia

 The previous workshop in Dublin and the 21 other workshops turned out to be very useful yearly events for professionals: they experienced a source of inspiration for their day today work and to establish contacts in and outside the European Union. You may consult our website for the presentations of the 22nd workshop or earlier workshops.


The workshop will concentrate on innovations in farm level data collection and dissemination.

Topics of special interest this year are:

  •  Impact of changes in National and International policies on information needs for policy evaluation and research
  • Innovations in data collection methods
  • Innovations in data use and dissemination

Further contributions are welcome on topics like:

  •  Relevant variables to collect (sustainability data, innovation, other gainful activities etc.)
  •  Accounting methods
  •  Methods of Sampling and weighting and typology of farms
  •  New trends in data dissemination methods (internet sites, privacy issues, etc.)
  •  Policy analysis based on farm level data

Further information

For further information please contact: info@pacioli.org