Every year Wageningen Economic Research (formerly known as LEI) organises the Pacioli workshop on the collection and use of farm level data for policy analysis, research and extension. An example of such a farm level data system is the European Farm Accountancy Network (FADN). 

Pacioli is the international workshop for innovations in micro-economic databases in agriculture. FADN coordinators, experts and researchers attend this workshop to discuss new developments in data collection, data requirements and research on farm level data sets. The workshop provides a source of inspiration for their day to day work and gives the opportunity to establish contacts in and outside the European Union. 


Pacioli 28 - Integrating Sustainability into Farm Accounting: Innovative Approaches

Slovenia; October 1 - 4, 2023

Pacioli is the international workshop for coordinators, experts and researchers on farm level databases in agriculture, such as FADN in Europe (Farm Accountancy Data Network). It provides a platform to discuss best practises in data collection, data management, data use and data dissemination. This edition will take place in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Besides the normal topics on collection and use of data, this edition will focus on the integration of sustainability indicators into farm accounting. Policies are increasingly looking not only at the economic performance of the farming sector but also at the sustainability performance. This raises important questions how to collect this type of information in a cost efficient way, without increasing the administrative burden of farmers. This workshop will discuss best practices and innovative approaches.

Ptuj is the oldest town of Slovenia, located along the Drava River in the North-eastern Slovenia. The town has a rich history dating back to the Stone age, famous also for its many ancient Roman monuments. The castle on the hill offers majestic views over the town’s rooftops and surrounding wonderful countryside, rich with fields and vineyards. Ptuj is also famous for its “Kurentovanje”, the most popular ethnological carnival in Slovenia, recognized by UNESCO.

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