PACIOLI 6, Models for data and data for models

held 2-4 November 1998 in Bordeaux,France.

Attention has been paid to datamodels for accounting and on econometric models using accounting data.
Topics were:

  • Masterclass on datamodelling with gross margins as an example;
  • The datamodel of the new software of the Dutch FADN (object oriented and build in Small Talk), delivering quaterly information;
  • The datamodel for the new EU-Farm Return (Ricastings) on which we are building a MsAcces prototype (and that converts data from national farm returns to EU-level);
  • Models that use accounting data and forecast income developments;
  • Measuring energy efficiency in a FADN;
  • Software demonstrations
  • Integration of FADN and FSS-samples
  • Measuring management quality in a FADN

The report

Proceedings of Pacioli 6 can be downloaded from here