PACIOLI - XVI: 'Changing agricultural markets: Consequences for FADN'

held 8 - 11 June 2008, Zagreb (Croatia)

Agricultural markets are rapidly changing. High economic growth, globalisation and liberalisation had already an enormous influence on agriculture in the last decade with for example a strong demand for agricultural products from China and India. During last years a new customer appeared on the market: a growing demand for bio fuels and even more challenging targets for the future as part of the policy to fight climate change. Food surpluses become deficits. Because of these low stock levels prices of agricultural products become very volatile and some of them reach record levels. Countries introduce exports bans and food security is an issue again.  

Opposite to these globalisation and liberalisation developments, organic and locally produced foods are the largest growth markets. Next to the production of food, farmers are expected to deliver local services (landscape management, recreation, education, water management).

It is clear that agriculture is searching for new equilibriums. This workshop has concentrated on the consequences for FADN.

The report

Proceedings of PACIOLI 16 can be downloaded from here.

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