PACIOLI - XV: Integration of Farm Accounting in Research and Statistics

held 9 - 12 September 2007, Aulanko (Finland)

Agriculture is more and more treated as a normal economic activity. Policy makers would therefore like to compare agricultural statistics with statistics from other economic sectors. There is also a growing interest in comparing FADN data in an international context (for example in EU policy evaluation). Popular research topics like sustainability, rural development and entrepreneurship have such a broad coverage that it is essential to combine information from very different sources.Technological developments (for example internet, electronic identification and XML), decreasing FADN budgets, and a growing attention for decreasing the administrative burden of farmers, make it more and more attractive to re-use data that is already available in electronic format. Internet makes FADN data available for a much wider group of users all over the world.

All these developments lead to a growing interest from both the user side and supplier point of view to harmonise FADN with other databases and to harmonise FADN’s between countries.

The report

Proceedings of Pacioli 15 can be downloaded here.

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