PACIOLI - XIV: Changes in Farming and the Effects on FADNs

held 1 - 4 October2006 in Vught (The Netherlands)

Many farms and farming systems have seen important changes in recent years: new agricultural policies, more emphasis on direct payments, changes in labour markets, increase in farm size, and new businesses. In many countries taxation and accounting requirements tend to treat farmsĀ more and moreĀ in the same way as other small and medium enterprises. All these developments influence accounting and farm accountancy data networks, as is reflected in discussions on topics like accounting standards, typology, importance of subsidies, relevance of cross compliance, persistence of low incomes etc.

In this workshop special attention was given to a number of topics:

  • Towards Global Networks of Data-exchange;
  • Volatility;
  • Ideal FADN;
  • Rural development;
  • Distribution of FADN data;
  • Typology;
  • Taxation;
  • Use of FADN data.

The report

Proceedings of Pacioli 14 can be downloaded from here