PACIOLI - XIII: Micro Economic Data on Farm Diversification, Rural Businesses and the Intra-generational Transfer

held 5 - 8 June 2005 in Hardingasete (Hardanger, Norway)

Farmers are reacting to rural development plans by diversifying from farming into other activities. These activities are partly farm related, partly not. The long term sustainability, also for the next generation, of such business models is still unclear. Government policies influence the diversification as well as its profitability and sustainability by agricultural and rural policy, by subsidies and tax breaks. Such policies ask for evaluation and therefore for micro economic data, which is a challenge for Farm Accountancy Data Networks.

In this workshop special attention was given to a number of topics:

  • Diversification (including organic farming);
  • Non-agricultural activities;
  • Typology of activities;
  • The Scandinavian rural business;
  • Handbook on income measurement of agricultural households (United Nation's Economic Commission for Europe).

The report

Proceedings of Pacioli 13 can be downloaded from here