PACIOLI - XII: Income Issues in Farm Households and the Role of the FADN

Every year the PACIOLI network organises a workshop, somewhere in Europe, to exchange ideas on innovation in farm accounting, Farm Accountancy Data Networks and the use of micro-economic data in policy research. The last 11 workshops have all been very successful and resulted in many contacts, exchanges of ideas and a full workshop report. You may consult our website to find some examples.
We are pleased to announce that the next workshop, PACIOLI-12, will be organised in Paris, France in close collaboration with the OECD. The format will be a bit different from previous years for this special event. On Wednesday April 28, we will have our traditional expert workshop in the OECD buildings. The title is PACIOLI - 12: Income issues in farm households and the role of FADN’.
On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 April the OECD and the PACIOLI network will organise a workshop for researchers and policy makers titled Workshop on Information Needs for Analysing Farm Household Income Issues. All the members of the Pacioli network are invited for this workshop. Speakers and discussants for this workshop are at the moment invited by the OECD and me.

We hope that this formula makes it possible for many Pacioli-colleagues to join the meeting. In some cases the national government might be able to fund your travel as an expert to an OECD workshop. As there is a wide range of different hotels available in Paris, we propose that everybody that joins PACIOLI -12 makes his own lodging and travel arrangements. That could mean that most likely we do not have to charge any extra costs for the workshop this year.

The report

The proceedings of Pacioli 12 can be downloaded from here