PACIOLI 9, FADN’s: Serving users’ needs?

held 11-14 November 2001 in Braunschweig, Germany.

Data from FADN’s is used by different clients with different expectations. What are those expectations and can a website support the need of information from FADN’s? 
The following topics were discussed in the workshop:

  • Comparison of Swiss and EU FADNAgri-environmental indicators in France;
  • Net present value and valuation of assets;
  • Modernisation projects of FADN at EU level;
  • Verification tests of EU-FADN;
  • Quality and certification in the FADN;
  • FADN in candidate countries;
  • Exchange of networks;
  • Strategies in Belgian horticulture;
  • Feed Utilisation Matrices and Demand for Feed Using Farm Data;
  • Phasing out milk quota’s;
  • Stratification and weighting;
  • Working procedures for selection of farms;
  • Farm accounting and landvalue.

The report

Proceedings of Pacioli 9 can be downloaded from here